Earthy, Modern Design

When you look at our design aesthetic, you will find we gravitate to earthy, modern elements. I think that’s partly because we’ve both grown up in Texas and are inspired by the natural elements that surround us. In all of our designs we like to use natural elements like crystals, plants, wood pieces and antlers along with textures, photography and art in neutral colors. When styling shelves we like to use these objects along with our clients favorite treasures.

We are always inspired by Sean Anderson’s designs. He also uses lots of natural objects to style his homes. Lots of earthy woods, rocks and taxidermy are sprinkled throughout his creations. He just gets it right every time.

One of our EDesign clients recently asked for a list of accessories they could buy and style their homes with. We love to curate one of a kind objects for our clients, but in this case we hit Amazon to see what we could suggest. Here is a list of of top Earthy, Modern objects that we found on Amazon to style your home!.


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine

Another favorite designer/artist is William McClure. If you don’t know him yet, follow him on Instagram and check out his stories. He and his dog are awesome! We love his art and he is terrific with styling. We bought a piece from him last fall and we adore it!

Design by  William McClure

Design by William McClure

Betsy Brown is always an inspiration for us. This sitting room with taxidermy on the walls just nails it.

Design by  Betsy Brown

Design by Betsy Brown

Meredith Lamme