We LOVE a good wallpaper. We try to find special spaces to add a statement wallpaper to. Of course, powder bathrooms and dining rooms spaces are the obvious places where we install them. Although we did just install a gorgeous, hand-painted Porter Teleo wallpaper in a lounge recently. Check out the sneak peek below. We’ve used Porter Teleo as our statement wallpaper in many of our client’s projects. It’s all hand-painted and hand-printed. It’s like having a giant piece of artwork on your wall! Check out some of our favorite Porter Teleo patterns below. So do you like a statement wallpaper or do you prefer to keep it clean?

This has to be one of our all time favorite wallpaper installations in a bedroom. LOVE! This one is Porter Teleo Kintsugi.

Design by  Kelly Behun

Design by Kelly Behun

Here is a sneak peak of a wallpaper we installed at one of our Houston projects. It’s Porter Teleo Ink Blot. We will reveal the entire home tour soon.

Design by  Tribe Design Group

At one of our Dallas projects, we installed this magnificent Porter Teleo on one wall in this piano room. What’s so nice about installing it noon wall in a small room is that it gives you lots of bang for the buck. You really don’t need a lot of other art, texture or pattern in here because the wallpaper does the work on it’s own. This pattern is Porter Teleo Floral Graffit.

Design by  Tribe Design Group  / Photo by  Jill Broussard

Design by Tribe Design Group / Photo by Jill Broussard

Here is another all time favorite pattern by one of our all time favorite designers, Kelly Wearstler. The pattern is Porter Teleo Tangled.

Design by  Kelly Wearstler

Design by Kelly Wearstler

Last, but not least…. this is a powder bath we designed in Austin with Kelly Wearstler’s wallpaper that she collaborated with Porter Teleo.

Design by  Tribe Design Group
Meredith Lamme